Designer Radiators

Nevelli believes that a radiator is much more than just a heating system. Our designer radiators offer the perfect balance of luxury, adding beauty and sophistication to any space, without sacrificing any functionality.

Available in a variety of styles, our designer radiators are made from the highest quality materials and have exceptional heat outputs.

A Style for Every Home
Nevelli has a wide selection of designer radiators that do much more than warm a room. Now, they offer a stylish fixture that improves the aesthetics of any room, whether in a toilet, bathroom, bedroom, living room or kitchen.

These radiators don’t just look amazing though, they are highly efficient heating devices that are built to last. Your investment will pay for itself over time, even adding to the value of your property by providing a top of the line heating system that also looks fantastic.

We have both horizontal and vertical radiator designs, allowing customers to find the right shape and size for any room. Larger sizes offer great value for money, providing massive heating outputs that will efficiently warm a room without wasting any energy.

Smaller sizes are also useful for when space is tight in a room, allowing us to heat your rooms without taking away from the free space. The last thing anyone wants is for a radiator to make a room feel smaller or cluttered, which is where our compact designer radiators can help.

Choose the Perfect Designer Radiator
Radiator styles are varied too, from classic slim column designs to more contemporary styles that feature chunky columns for a modern twist on a timeless style. Colours are varied, from subtle tones to vibrant hues, meaning you can find the perfect colour to match your current or intended décor.

We also have a variety of materials to choose from. This includes high quality cast iron, aluminium, and stainless steel, while even the valves and accessories exclude style and quality, such as chrome caps, valves, and pipe covers.
Style only gets you so far though. Our designer radiators don’t just look good, they provide exceptional heating outputs and are generally more efficient than standard radiators. Take our aluminium radiators – the material requires less energy to heat and is faster to respond to changes in room temperature.

Contact Us for Assistance
We understand that you may want more information about a designer radiator before you decide to buy it, so feel free to contact us by phone, email, or visit our showroom in Hadleigh to speak with one of the team on 01473 828914

It is recommended to call our showroom for more information on some of our exclusive designer radiators. A knowledgeable member of the team can give you further details on certain models and answer any questions you might have regarding colours, designs, or installation.

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