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Nevelli Plumbing

We offer an extensive range of reliable Nevelli plumbing services, from a full bathroom and kitchen installations to new central heating systems. We will happily take on projects of every scope and size and offer our own team of experienced tradesmen.


Over 40 Years of Plumbing Experience

We proudly work in partnership with Whitwell Services, a family-run plumbing and heating company with over 40 years industry experience. Whitwell Services have an established, reliable and diverse team, guaranteeing that the plumbing requirements of our clients are looked after safely, professionally and reliably.

We take pride in providing a friendly and courteous service that meets needs of our clients. Whether you’ve ordered a new designer radiator and require professional installation or are seeking a complete bathroom renovation, the team can facilitate your needs.

Radiator and Underfloor Heating Installation

As radiator specialists and with proficiency in the complexities of underfloor heating systems, we understand the importance of using only reliable and accomplished engineers to perform plumbing all installations. Equipped with the knowledge that the slightest error can cause significant problems, we only ever use experienced and fully accredited plumbers to carry out radiator and underfloor heating installations.

Full Kitchen & Bathroom Installation

Whether you are looking for a single refreshed element of your kitchens or bathroom or a full refurbishment, we can assist you! Kitchens and bathrooms are undoubtedly the most frequently used rooms in a home, not only should they be an appealing and functional space, it is vital that all plumbing systems are installed with precision to eliminate the risk of serious issues developing in the future.

Our plumbers are experienced and competent in all aspects of bathroom and kitchen installation, ensuring that the job is done to the highest possible standards, efficiently and with minimal disruption.

Central Heating Installation

We have a vast collection of designer radiators that are the perfect addition to your new central heating system, providing an efficient yet stylish heating solution that improves the aesthetic of any space.

New central heating systems are not only expensive, the disruption involved can be extremely daunting. We offer a full professional, reliable service, which offers  specialised work in oil and gas and are qualified and experienced in renewable energy solutions. The plumbing engineers can fully complete the installation of a new central heating system, including the seamless integration of all pipework to ensure no unsightly spots around the radiators.  The finished result will be to the highest standard and the team will always aim to minimise disruption and upmost care will be taken to preserve your home and leave any essential alterations in good order.

Clean Growth

We appreciate that environmental factors have an impact on heating installations for new builds and are a massive consideration for homeowners when developing existing properties. Nevelli have combined expertise with team at Whitwell Services. We are continuously reviewing the government’s ‘Clean Growth Strategy’ and support the targets in place to significantly reduce carbon emissions in the next two decades. The two companies are committed to the services they provide with both existing and new clients and to continue to explore developing and environmentally sustainable energy sources.

The Best of Both

Nevelli & Whitwell’s work together efficiently to ensure that every client is fully satisfied with our services, from design and supply to installation. With over four decades of plumbing experience and a focus on putting the customer’s needs first and foremost, the collaboration between Whitwell Services and Nevelli bring our clients the best of both worlds. The goal to simply provide quality services that customers can rely on.