Cloakroom Radiators

Nevelli offers a wide selection of cloakroom radiators that can be the perfect heating solution for smaller spaces in the home. Radiators aren’t always featured in a cloakroom, mainly because of a lack of space in these smaller rooms, which is where our compact radiators can help.

Find the Perfect Radiator for Your Cloakroom.
We have a hand-picked range of radiators that are perfect for the compact dimensions of your average cloakroom. These space-saving heaters make the most of the free space you have in your cloakroom, with various designs available to accommodate different space requirements.

This includes slim vertical cloakroom radiators that are installed up the wall to free up as much wall space as possible, along with low-lying horizontal radiators that run along the length of a wall without taking too much space.
Those with larger cloakrooms have plenty of options too, with some of our wider radiators being the perfect addition to a space, adding not just a source of heating but a stylish fixture that will add to the overall aesthetic of your cloakroom.

Regardless of the size of your cloakroom, our radiators come in various shapes and sizes so we are confident that we have the right solution for your needs.
Countless Styles of Premium Quality Radiators
The heat output of our radiators is second to none, providing a highly efficient source of heat that won’t consume too much energy. These radiators are fantastic at retaining heat, meaning your cloakroom remains warm long after the heating has turned off.

Our goal is always to provide the widest selection of radiators styles to suit all preferences. This ranges from classic towel and column radiator designs to modern styles that incorporate sleek materials like stainless steel and finishes such as the ever popular anthracite.

You will find cloakroom radiators available in several materials including cast iron, stainless steel, and aluminium, along with a range of finishes and colours to get the perfect match with your cloakroom décor.

Whether you are a looking for a classic design or something more contemporary, you won’t be disappointed with our range of cloakroom radiator styles.
We have chosen only the best radiator brands to ensure the upmost quality and longevity, with long guarantees on all our products to highlight their lasting quality. These are very durable and won’t need much in the way of maintenance.

Contact Us Today for More Information
A picture only tells half the story, which is why we would love for you to come visit our showroom in Hadleigh to see our selection of cloakroom radiators in person. This gives a better idea of the overall style and feel of the radiator, while we can also provide any info you need regarding size options, heating outputs, and what styles work best with your interior design.
Of course, not everyone can make it down to the showroom, in which case you can give us a call if you have any questions. Many of our radiators have different sizes, colours, and finishes available, so be sure to contact us to find out what options you have!

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