Radiator Accessories

Nevelli stocks a wide range of radiator accessories to accommodate all needs. Whether you’re getting a new set of radiators installed and need a few accessories or you are replacing broken or old parts on your current radiators, our range of accessories has you covered.

Made from only the best quality materials, our accessories are designed to enhance your current heating system, with various products available to suit all requirements. With the right accessories, you can enhance the functionality of your radiator or fix something that wasn’t quite working right, which can end up saving you money down the line.

Radiator Pipe Collars and Sleeves
Looking to add the perfect finishing touch to your radiators? The look no further than our range of radiator pipe collars and sleeves! These accessories are fitted to any external pipes that connect to the radiator from the floors or walls and can significantly improve the aesthetic of a room.

Exposed pipes can ruin the appearance of a room, so if you aren’t a fan of the look these accessories are well worth buying. Not only do they make exposed pipework more attractive, they can improve insulation of the heated pipes while offering an additional layer of protection, increasing durability.

We have a wide range of pipes radiator pipe collars and sleeves, with various materials and finishes to choose from that can easily match any of our radiators.

Radiator Support Brackets
Sometimes you need extra stability for your radiator, in which case a good set of brackets is needed. Our radiator brackets let you mount the radiator to the floor or wall, improving its overall stability.

This is a worthwhile investment if you have a loose or slack radiator that requires additional support, which can help to prevent more serious issues developing down the line, such as the radiator coming away from the wall.

We also have radiator legs and feet, which can be used to support wall mounted radiators or replace the leg on a current radiator, such as an older cast iron radiator.

Air Vents
When a radiator has a build up of air it causes it to function less efficiently, with the trapped air preventing the heat from evenly distributing across the entire radiator surface. As a result, your radiator will have some cold spots until you bleed it using the air vent, which releases the air and returns it back to maximum efficiency.

Air vents are an important component of many radiators yet they often don’t look that great. We have a range of stylish air vents that can replace those drab vents on your radiators, adding a nice aesthetic to the product. We also have replacement vents if your current one is damaged!

All our radiator accessories are made from the highest quality materials to ensure they last. We have a range of finishes and colours too, making it easy to add a bit more style to your radiator set-up, with accessories available for all major radiator brands.

Contact us today for more information on our radiator accessories.

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