Nevelli Caprecci 2 Column Horizontal and Vertical Radiator


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Made from premium quality steel and available in bespoke designs, Caprecci radiators are the perfect addition to any living space. The bold design of the radiator makes it a fantastic choice for walls that may be lacking, providing an eye-catching aesthetic that adds a new dimension to the space.

Available in a range of colours and finishes, the elegant Italian design exudes luxury that is difficult to find in standard radiators. Choose from dozens of colour and finishes to get a radiator that matches the décor of any room.

Suitable for any room, the Caprecci line of radiators offers a balance between style and durability, which is why we offer a 10-year guarantee on every radiator. The hollow steel tubing works as an efficient heat source, capable of heating larger spaces that similar sized radiators would struggle to match.

The radiator is designed and manufactured in Italy and showcase exceptional craftsmanship, with ach one being CE approved and certified to BS EN442 standards.

The multi-column radiator is wall mounted, with cast feet available as an optional floor mount, giving plenty of placement options. While a good option for tight areas around the home, the radiator works best in open spaces where more heat is dispersed.

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