Reina Slimline Horizontal Designer Radiator from Nevelli

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The Slimline Horizontal radiator is a great option if you are going for something modern and sleek. Available in White and Anthracite as well as RAL Colours and Special Finishes.

For further details on this product please call the showroom on 01473 828914.

All heat outputs are shown at ΔT70C in compliance with BSEN442.

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DOUBLE H: 1800 x W:375mm, DOUBLE H:1500 x W:236mm, DOUBLE H:1500 x W:295mm, DOUBLE H:1500 x W:354mm, DOUBLE H:1500 x W:413mm, DOUBLE H:1500 x W:472mm, DOUBLE H:1500 x W:531mm, DOUBLE H:1600 x W:218mm, DOUBLE H:1600 x W:292mm, DOUBLE H:1600 x W:366mm, DOUBLE H:1600 x W:440mm, DOUBLE H:1600 x W:514mm, DOUBLE H:1800 x W:218mm, DOUBLE H:1800 x W:236mm, DOUBLE H:1800 x W:280mm, DOUBLE H:1800 x W:292mm, DOUBLE H:1800 x W:295mm, DOUBLE H:1800 x W:300mm, DOUBLE H:1800 x W:354mm, DOUBLE H:1800 x W:366mm, DOUBLE H:1800 x W:400mm, DOUBLE H:1800 x W:413mm, DOUBLE H:1800 x W:440mm, DOUBLE H:1800 x W:470mm, DOUBLE H:1800 x W:472mm, DOUBLE H:1800 x W:500mm, DOUBLE H:1800 x W:514mm, DOUBLE H:1800 x W:531mm, DOUBLE H:1800 x W:565mm, H:1170 x W:300mm, H:1170 x W:400mm, H:1170 x W:500mm, H:1470 x W:300mm, H:1470 x W:400mm, H:1470 x W:500mm, H:1770 x W:300mm, H:1770 x W:400mm, H:1770 x W:500mm, H:470 x W:300mm, H:600 x W:1000mm, H:600 x W:1200mm, H:600 x W:1400mm, H:600 x W:400mm, H:600 x W:600mm, H:600 x W:800mm, H:770 x W:300mm, H.600 X W.470mm, SINGLE H: 1800 x W:375mm, SINGLE H:1500 x W:236mm, SINGLE H:1500 x W:295mm, SINGLE H:1500 x W:354mm, SINGLE H:1500 x W:413mm, SINGLE H:1500 x W:472mm, SINGLE H:1500 x W:531mm, SINGLE H:1600 x W:218mm, SINGLE H:1600 x W:292mm, SINGLE H:1600 x W:366mm, SINGLE H:1600 x W:440mm, SINGLE H:1600 x W:514mm, SINGLE H:1800 x W:218mm, SINGLE H:1800 x W:236mm, SINGLE H:1800 x W:292mm, SINGLE H:1800 x W:295mm, SINGLE H:1800 x W:300mm, SINGLE H:1800 x W:354mm, SINGLE H:1800 x W:366mm, SINGLE H:1800 x W:400mm, SINGLE H:1800 x W:413mm, SINGLE H:1800 x W:440mm, SINGLE H:1800 x W:470mm, SINGLE H:1800 x W:472mm, SINGLE H:1800 x W:500mm, SINGLE H:1800 x W:514mm, SINGLE H:1800 x W:531mm, SINGLE H:1800 x W:565mm, SINGLE H:1800 x W280mm, x SINGLE H.600 X W.470MM


150 WATT, 250 WATT, 300 WATT, 350 WATT, 400 WATT, 600 WATT, 800 WATT, 900 WATT, Aluminium, Anitique Copper, Anthracite, Anthracite Textured, Antique Brass, Antique Copper, Any Colour, Bare Metal Lacquer, Beige Quartz, Black Nickel, Blue, Brown Quartz, Brushed, Brushed Black Chrome, Brushed Brass, Brushed Bronze, Brushed Copper, Cappuccino Textured, Chrome, Copper, Dark Grey Texture, Double Bar, DOUBLE H.600 x 1040mm, DOUBLE H.600 x W,660mm, DOUBLE H.600 x W.1230mm, DOUBLE H.600 x W.1420mm, DOUBLE H.600 x W.470mm, DOUBLE H.600 x W.850mm, Espresso Gloss, Graphex, Graphite, Grey Primer, Grey Sparkle, Gun Metal, H:550mm x W:1003mm, H:750 x W:480mm, infinity Steel, Latte Textured, Matt Black, Mirror, Mocha Textured, Natural Cast, Old English Brass, Pewter, Polished, Polished Brass, Polished Copper, Polished Nickel, Primer, Satin, Satin Black, Satin Blue, Satin Bronze, Satin Nickel, Single Bar, SINGLE H.600 W660mm, SINGLE H.600 x 1230mm, SINGLE H.600 x W.1420mm, SINGLE H.600 x W.470mm, SINGLE H.600 x W.660mm, SINGLE H.600 x W1040mm, SINGLE H600 x W850mm, Standard Heating Element, Textured Grey, Thermostatic Heating Element, Thermostatic Heating Element With Remote, Titane, Touch Thermostatic Element, Un-Laqcquered Brass, Unlacquered Brass, Volcanic, White Aluminium, White Quartz, White Sparkle, White/Polished, x Black, White, Black

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